"The top choice for the best! We are SungKwang Optic Co., Ltd."

The best efforts for top quality and highest satisfaction!
We are SungKwang Optic Co., Ltd.

The Values of SungKwang Optic
  • Cost reductionWe have lowered the prices through mass purchase, direct trade and our own logistics center.
  • Quality controlWe have acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All products are shipped under our tight control.
  • AccessibilityOur sales representatives visit anywhere in our nationwide sale network to introduce and sell our products.
Vision of SungKwang Optic
  • Customer-centeredWe offer reliable products and services.
  • Challenging spiritWe do not settle in our present. We develop distinguished products every year through tireless market surveys and research & development.
  • Mutual cooperationWe maintain long-term relationships with our business partners for sustainable win-win growth.