"The top choice for the best! We are SungKwang Optic Co., Ltd."

We will be your partner with great quality and reasonable prices.

Greetings. I am Kim Eung-cheol, the CEO of SungKwang Optic. Our company started as 'SungKwang Case' in 1995 and has grown into the largest eyewear company through our challenges, risks, and changes.

Our employees are proud to provide all eyewear products at competitive prices to directly assist you.
We will be committed to our work with the same mind. We will be a credible corporation and beloved brand for our customers through our quality improvement and new product development.

SungKwang Optic will listen to your voice with our faith in the best services as the determinant of corporate survival. Our employees are fully committed to your satisfaction as your best partner. We sincerely thank all opticians who trust us. We will grow into a proud corporation that exceeds your expectations upon your support.

CEO of SungKwang Optic, Co., Ltd. Eung-cheol Kim